Penis Enlargement Gel

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Product Description

Handy cream that uses natural plant extracts to stimulate circulation to the penis. It could help you achieve extra-strong, longer-lasting erections. Sweet!


In a handy travel-sized bottle, the cream is easy to use - just rub the fragrant formula into the full length of your penis before getting down to business.


Before using the cream, it's important to perform an allergy test by applying a small amount into your forearm. If any irritation occurs, do not use it on your genitals.


Results may vary.

Key Features:

  • Stimulating penis cream designed to give longer lasting erections
  • Natural plant extracts can enhance circulation to the penis
  • To use, apply a small amount to the penis and massage in thoroughly
  • Fragrant scent for sensual application
  • Travel-sized for easy transportation
  • Results may vary

Size: 50ML

Shelf Life: 3 years